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        Major Tech MT-COMBO-12 | MT777 TRMS Clamp Meter + MT325 ELCB Tester + Free MTCT25 Tungsten Holesaw
        $566.50 $515.00 ex. GST

        Learn more by watching our Major Tech MT-COMBO-12 | MT777 TRMS Clamp Meter + MT325 ELCB Tester + Free MTCT25 Tungsten Holesaw video.

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        Major Tech MT-COMBO-12 | MT777 TRMS Clamp Meter + MT325 ELCB Tester + Free MTCT25 Tungsten Holesaw


        The Major Tech MT-COMBO-12 is an exceptional toolkit designed for electricians seeking precision, reliability, and added value in their tools. This bundle includes the MT777 TRMS Clamp Meter, the MT325 Trip Time ELCB Tester, and a free MTCT25 25mm Tungsten Carbide Tipped Holesaw, providing a comprehensive solution for advanced electrical testing and durable cutting capabilities.

        MT777 1000A AC/DC TRMS Bluetooth Clamp Meter:

        The MT777 is a robust clamp meter equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing for seamless data transfer and trend analysis. It offers measurements for AC/DC voltage and current up to 1000A, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and temperature, ensuring versatile use across various applications.

        Additional features include INRUSH Current Measurements, VFD capability, LoZ mode to eliminate ghost voltage, NCV detection, and a built-in flashlight. The device’s 6000-count TFT colour LCD and 100-graph data review capability make it a standout tool for detailed electrical inspections.

        MT777 Features:

        • Comprehensive Measurement Capabilities: Measures voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and temperature.
        • Bluetooth Connectivity: Allows for efficient data management and trend analysis.
        • Advanced Safety Features: Includes LoZ, NCV, and a built-in flashlight for enhanced functionality and safety.

        MT325 Trip Time ELCB Tester:

        The MT325 provides precise and reliable ELCB testing with a test current setting range from 5mA to 500mA and a quick measurement of disconnection times up to 2000ms. It features a double injection housing for durability, two LED lamps for correct wiring indication, and a compact design that makes it easy to handle. The tester can operate on 230V AC and includes a data hold function to freeze readings on its LCD.

        MT325 Features:

        • ELCB Testing Precision: Measures trip time with a resolution of 1 ms for accurate safety checks.
        • User-Friendly Design: Compact and lightweight with an intuitive interface for easy operation.

        Free MTCT25 25mm Tungsten Carbide Tipped Holesaw:

        Enhance your cutting tasks with the MTCT25 holesaw. It is perfect for slicing through hard metals like stainless steel and steel plates. Its 10mm chuck is ideal for heavy-duty applications, adding significant value to this toolkit.


        Q: What are the primary applications of the MT777 Clamp Meter?
        A: Thanks to its wide range of functions and high measurement capacity, the MT777 is suitable for diagnosing electrical issues in high-demand environments like industrial facilities and large commercial buildings.

        Q: How does the MT325 ELCB Tester enhance electrical safety checks?
        A: It ensures that earth leakage circuit breakers function correctly, safeguarding installations against potential electrical faults and hazards.

        Q: What materials can the MTCT25 Holesaw effectively cut?
        A: It is specifically designed to handle hard metals such as stainless steel and steel plates, making it ideal for tasks requiring high cutting durability and precision.



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 1 Year
        Commercial Use: 1 Year
        Warranty Method: Return to Sparky Direct

        MT777 Specifications Range Accuracy
        DC Current 600.0A - 1000A ±(2.5% +5)
        AC Current 600.0A - 1000A ±(2.5% +5)
        Flexible Coil Current 30.00A - 3000A ±(3.0% +5)
        DC Voltage 600.0mV - 1000V ±(1.5% +5)
        AC Voltage 6.00V - 1000V ±(1.5% +5)
        LoZ AC Voltage 6.00V - 300V ±(3.0% +40)
        AC+DC TRMS Voltage 6.00V - 1000V ±(2.5% +20)
        Resistance 600.00Ω - 60MΩ ±(1.5% +5)
        Frequency 9.999Hz - 99.99kHz ±(1.2% +5)
        Capacitance 60.00nF - 100mF ±(3.0% +8)
        Temperature -40°C - 1000°C ±(1.5% +5°C)
        Duty Cycle 10.0% to 90% ±(1.2% +8)
        Size 230 x 66 x 44mm  
        Weight 350g  
        Mt325 Specifications Range Accuracy
        Rated Trip Current 5mA - 10mA - 30mA - 100mA - 300mA - 500mA ± (3.0%)
        Other Test Settings No Trip - 50% Range Selected,
        Trip Test - 5/10/30/100/300/500mA
        Fast Trip - 250mA
        ± (5.0%)
        Operating Voltage 230V ± 10% 50/60Hz  
        Fault Trip Time 2000ms for Trip and No Trip Tests, 40ms for Fast Trip  
        Phase Angle Setting 0° OR 180°  
        Size 130 x 69 x 32mm  
        Weight 130g  

        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand Major Tech
        SKU MT-COMBO-12
        TYPE VALUE
        Brand Major Tech
        Combo MT777 + MT325 + Free MTCT25

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