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        Major Tech MT-COMBO-3 | MT720 Clamp Meter + MT310 ELCB Tester + MT403 NCV Detector
        $214.50 $195.00 ex. GST

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        Major Tech MT-COMBO-3 | MT720 Clamp Meter + MT310 ELCB Tester + MT403 NCV Detector


        The Major Tech MT-COMBO-3 is an all-encompassing electrical testing kit for professional electricians. It combines the MT720 Clamp Meter for accurate AC and DC measurements, the MT310 ELCB Tester for socket testing, and the MT403 NCV Detector, which is waterproof and dustproof. This kit offers everything needed for comprehensive diagnostics and testing in any environment, ensuring safety and efficiency on the job.

        MT720 400A AC True RMS Clamp Meter:

        The MT720 offers precise True RMS readings for AC/DC voltage up to 1000V and AC up to 400A. It features a 4000-count backlit LCD for clear visibility, integrated functions for resistance, frequency, capacitance, and temperature measurements, and special modes like INRUSH Current and VFD. The clamp’s 30mm size accommodates large cables, enhancing its versatility in industrial applications.

        MT720 Features:

        • True RMS Measurement: Ensures accurate and reliable readings.
        • Comprehensive Testing Range: Measures AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and temperature.
        • Advanced Functions: Includes INRUSH Current measurement and VFD capability.
        • User-Friendly Design: Features a backlit LCD and auto power-off for energy saving.

        MT310 Socket ELCB Tester:

        Compact and user-friendly, the MT310 efficiently tests socket wiring and circuit breakers with a test current of 35mA. It displays voltage and test results on an easy-to-read LCD and indicates correct wiring configurations with neon lights. Designed with durability, it features double-injected rubber housing and fixed current settings for reliable operation.

        MT310 Features:

        • Accurate ELCB Testing: Provides precise socket testing and circuit evaluation.
        • Neon Light Indicators: Visual confirmation of correct wiring.
        • Rugged Construction: Double injection rubber housing enhances durability.
        • Compact and Lightweight: Easy to carry and use in various settings.

        MT403 IP67 1000V NCV Detector:

        Engineered for extreme conditions, the MT403 offers IP67 waterproof and dustproof protection. It detects AC voltages up to 1000V and includes a high-sensitivity mode for low voltage (12V) detection. The device's audiovisual indicators increase in frequency as it gets closer to the voltage source, and it features a robust design capable of withstanding a 2m drop.

        MT403 Features:

        • IP67 Rating: Waterproof and dustproof, suitable for harsh environments.
        • Enhanced Detection: Features a thinner probe tip for detailed work in socket outlets.
        • Dual Mode Operation: High voltage and low voltage detection modes for versatile use.
        • Drop Proof: Designed to withstand up to a 2m drop, ensuring robustness.


        Q: What is the advantage of using the MT720 Clamp Meter for industrial applications?
        A: The MT720's broad measurement capabilities and large clamp size make it ideal for diverse industrial environments. It provides accurate diagnostics for high-demand systems.

        Q: Can the MT310 ELCB Tester be used on any AC voltage system?
        A: The MT310 is optimized for 230V systems, making it suitable for most residential and commercial settings.

        Q: How does the MT403 NCV Detector ensure safety in wet conditions?
        A: With its IP67 rating, the MT403 ensures safe operation in wet and dusty conditions, preventing damage to the device and safeguarding the user during voltage detection tasks.



        Warranty starts from Invoice Date

        Domestic Use: 1 Year
        Commercial Use: 1 Year
        Warranty Method: Return to Sparky Direct

        MT720 Specifications Range Accuracy
        AC Current 40.00A - 400A ±(2.0% +8)
        DC Voltage 4.000V – 1000V ±(1.0% +3)
        AC Voltage 4.000V – 1000V ±(1.2% +5)
        Resistance 400.0Ω – 40MΩ ±(1.5% +2)
        Frequency 10Hz – 100kHz ±(1.0% +5)
        Capacitance 99.00nF – 100mF ±(3.0% +5)
        Temperature -20⁰C – 1000⁰C ±(3.0% +3⁰C)
        Duty Cycle 20.0% to 80% ±(1.2% +10)
        Size 220 x 80 x 39mm  
        Weight 305g  
        MT310 Specifications Range Accuracy
        ELCB Trip Ratings 10mA - 15mA - 20mA - 25mA - 30mA - 35mA ± 1.75mA AT 220V AC
        AC Voltage Indication From 150V AC to 245V AC  
        Wiring Identification    
        R R R R R Wiring Correct
        Neon On R B No Earth
        B B B B B Live and Neutral Reversed
        Neon Off B R R No Neutral
          B R Live and Earth Reversed
          B B B No Live
        Size 130 x 69 x 32mm
        Weight 130g
        MT403 Specifications Details
        AC Voltage 12V - 1000V
        Frequency 50/60Hz
        Voltage Detector 100V -1000V Red LED audible beep
        Voltage Detector 12V -1000V Yellow then Red LED audible beep
        Size 160 x 23 x 25mm
        Weight 55g

        These specifications and characteristics outline physical, mechanical, electrical details.

        Brand Major Tech
        SKU MT-COMBO-3
        TYPE VALUE
        Brand Major Tech
        Combo MT720 + MT310 + MT403

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